When Stefania asked if she might provide me some underclothing as well as take some photos of me in it, I stated “hell yeah” since in some cases I like to response very first as well as believe later.

When I checked out the fine print as well as saw that she was going to send me two Yummie Tummie shapewear body-hugging storage tank tops to eradicate my muffin top as well as all I had to do was lift my t-shirt a bit (rather than what you’re most likely imagining) as well as then share my truthful opinions, I reiterated, “No exercise as well as get pre-body infant back? indication me up!.”

I completely expected these garments to be life-altering, amazing, as well as to make me completely hot. So, it was quite difficult for them to online as much as all that! As you can see below, I do look method hotter than Mrs Potato Head, so you be the judge.

Ζεστό ή όχι? Me with Mrs. Potato Head

What I liked:

Did the job. when I figured out exactly how to correctly set up myself into the storage tank top, I truly liked it. I feel like the YT provided me back (what I picture as) the tummy of a 30 year-old rather than the squishy droopy tummy of a 60 year-old.

Comfy. Yep, it was extremely comfortable. One thing you cannot state about Spanx is that you ever fail to remember you’re using them. The Yummie Tummie is not binding or hurty whatsoever (like the time I ditched the spanx at my brother’s wedding)

Leaning against the crib. have you ever leaned against the crib slats only to notice your tummy fat peaking with the other side like bizarre pillows in a method that’s both depressing as well as funny at the exact same time? While using a YT tank, my tummy behaved exactly how I believe it should.

After my official responsibility to wear it as well as test it out at the BlogHer seminar was over, I discovered that I wished to wear it much more as well as much more as well as more. In fact, as well as this may noise crazy, I like using it even much better when I don’t have a sticker marketing that I’ve got it on. So, shhhh, please don’t tell the people at my office why I all of a sudden look fantastic as well as confident, ok? Ευχαριστώ.

What I didn’t like:

The roll-up factor. The YT is developed to look like a routine storage tank or tee shirts from the bottom so you can let it top out under your other layers. This method totally did NOT work for me. When I left it untucked, I was tugging as well as yanking to keep it down all the method to avoid rolling up while at the exact same time, wrestling as well as tugging my denim to stay up. poor combo. As soon as I tucked the YT storage tank in, my issue was resolved as well as the equal as well as opposite forces were aligned.

“You don’t feel like yourself” My hubby is really ideal as well as he prefers for me to feel like a human rather than a spandex-encased sausage. He’s wonderful that method as well as consequently encourages me to believe I’m doing all this primping for myself instead of him.

Need a different neckline. I was sent two tanks of diverse cuts as well as colors so I might try both a black as well as white one. I believe I got the sweetheart storage tank as well as the basic. Neither of them worked under my adorable shift gown so I was delegated my own gadgets (AKA “letting everything hang out”). Yummie Tummie provides a lot of styles so I believe my next option will be skimpier so I can wear it under much more outfits.

I believe the Yummie Tummie is a fantastic storage tank top to have on hand as an alternate to hating the method our bellies look. YT likewise makes a nursing storage tank which I would absolutely inspect out if I were currently breastfeeding.

Don’t just go by me, right here are a few other people opinions:

Immoral Matriarch (200 pounds as well as extremely feminine)

Susan Wagner (hiding a pizza dough roll under her cardigan)

Heather B (hiding all the lumps as well as bumps)

Citymama (full-figured as well as fabulous-looking)

Disclosure: The smart women sent me 2 different styles of Yummie Tummie storage tank tops to test drive for the BlogHer conference. I appreciate them, the women as well as the tanks, extremely much.

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